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exit music (for a film)

The screen dims, the curtains close and the stunned and bleary eyed audience begin to rise from their seats and shuffle out as the music fades away to silence.....

After a delay which is entirely my own fault (or the fault of the person who gave me the cold) bluets first podcast is completed and the movie theme can finally be laid to rest. On it you will hear a select few tracks from the posts of the last month and the dulcet tones of this blogs contributors.

So concludes August for Bluets. We've watched some films, listened to some music and talked about some things that weren't even really related but we thought were interesting. I say we I mean me, I'm terrible for that.


Podcast: exit music (for a film)

Notes: exit music (for a film) PDF

One option we've considered for bluets is as well as having a podcast at the end of each month providing you with a download and burn mix tape of the tracks featured in the podcast. We'd give you a cover, a tracklist and the MP3's so you can do it yourself. Would this be a useful thing? I don't know that's why I'm asking you....

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Great stuff. Keep it up.

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